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Proposal Summary: BA-09-01

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TitleBlanket DL course proposal
Submitting DeanRaj Aggarwal
Submitting CollegeBusiness Administration -- Pam Keltyka x6745
Departments Generating the ProposalGeneral Business
Objection DeadlineApril 06, 2009
Proposal StatusFinal Approval Granted
Proposal Last UpdatedMay 08, 2009 by Karen Greene
Effective DateFall 2009
Brief Summary of ProposalThis proposal is to ensure that course listings accurately reflect how courses are taught, with respect to distance learning (Board of Trustees rule 3359-20-05.2). This mode of delivery proposal applies to courses that have been offered in one of the DL classrooms or otherwise transmitted to another site off campus between Fall 2001 through September 2008. 6200:320 Accounting Information Systems 6200:301 Cost Accounting 6200:321 Intermediate Accounting 1 6200:322 Intermediate Accounting 2 6200:420 Advanced Accounting 6200:431 Taxation II 6200:440 Auditing 6200:454 Information Systems Security 6200:460 Advanced Managerial Accounting 6200:520 Advanced Accounting 6200:531 Taxation II 6200:540 Auditing 6200:554 Information Systems Security 6200:628 Tax Research 6200:632 Taxation of Trans in Property 6200:621 Corporate Tax 1 6200:641 Taxation of Partnerships 6200:648 Tax Practice and Procedure 6200:651 International Taxation 6200:645 Advanced Individual Tax 6200:662 S Corps 6200:646 Consolidated Tax Returns 6200:647 Qual. Pensions and Profit 6200:693 Selected Topics in Tax 6200:642 Corporate Taxation II 6200:643 Tax Accounting 6200:649 State & Local Taxation 6400:321 Business Law I 6400:322 Business Law II 6800:305 International Business
Type of ProposalCourse changes only
Graduate School Endorsement StatusApproved
Graduate School Endorsement UpdatedJanuary 26, 2009 by GS Heather Blake
Institutional Research StatusApproved
IR Status UpdatedDecember 02, 2008 by IR Anu Mahapatra
Library StatusApproved
Library Status UpdatedDecember 01, 2008 by UL Bennie Robinson
Distance Learning Review Committee StatusNot required
DLRC Status Updated
General Education Advisory Committee StatusNot required
GEAC Status UpdatedJanuary 08, 2009 by PR Rex Ramsier
Resource RequirementsUnder development
Resource Requirements Updated

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