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Proposal Summary: ED-09-70

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TitleIntroduction to Sport Studies and Exercise Course Change
Submitting DeanDr. Mark Shermis
Submitting CollegeEducation -- Roberta Reese x2114
Departments Generating the ProposalPhys & HE
Objection DeadlineMarch 25, 2010
Proposal StatusFinal Approval Granted
Proposal Last UpdatedOctober 01, 2010 by Karen Greene
Effective DateSummer I 2009
Brief Summary of ProposalThe purpose of this proposal is to provide all students the opportunity to enroll in the Introduction to Sport and Exercise Studies course in order to meet general studies requirements. In addition, this curriculum proposal changes the name of the course to Introduction to Sport Studies. See response to GEAC inquiry below, under Resource Comment.
Type of ProposalCourse changes only
Graduate School Endorsement StatusNot required
Graduate School Endorsement UpdatedMarch 16, 2009 by GS Heather Blake
Institutional Research StatusApproved with comment
IR CommentSubsidy level for 5550:100 is 'General Studies' in the system.
IR Status UpdatedMarch 17, 2009 by IR Anu Mahapatra
Library StatusApproved
Library Status UpdatedMarch 17, 2009 by UL Steve Aby
Distance Learning Review Committee StatusNot required
DLRC Status Updated
General Education Advisory Committee StatusApproved
GEAC Comment9/29/09 - This course proposal is requesting that a course be added to the general education list. The Department has responded to GEACís request of May 5, 2009. GEAC has additional questions or concerns and is requesting the proposal be updated with the following information: 1) what additional resources will be needed, 2) how many sections will there be for majors, 3) how many sections will there be for non-majors, and 4) how will this address issues with some degree programs needing to use this to fulfill general education requirements? 5/5/09 -We have concerns that the majors needing this course will be displaced by other students if it is put on the General Education list. Has the department considered this, and the possibility of offering more, or a controlled, section for majors? We are also concerned that students are given the responsibility for identifying locations and persons to interview. This would be best handled by UA personnel. If this presents too much of a logistical issue, it may be best to formulate a different activity that will lead to the same learning outcomes.
GEAC Status UpdatedNovember 23, 2009 by Karen Greene
Resource RequirementsNo additional resources
Resource Requirements UpdatedFebruary 26, 2010 by ED dean's ofc Roberta Reese
Resource commentIt is our opinion that we will not need any additional resources for this course. We anticipate that we will be able to have two sections controlled per semester specifically for majors. Additionally, we are planning on offering two lecture hall based classes that would not be controlled. Thus, all throughout the university would be able to enroll in these sections. As referenced above we anticipate that there would be two lecture style sections for all students. Additionally, this course would be listed under the general education physical education/wellness section. This course that we are offering will be one of many courses that a student could take in order to fulfill the general education physical education/wellness requirement.

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