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Proposal Summary: HS-011-020

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TitleChanges to the School of Social Work Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Program (with a language)
Submitting DeanJames M. Lynn
Submitting CollegeCollege of Health Sciences and Human Services Jim Lynn x6519
Departments Generating the ProposalSoc Work
Objection DeadlineFebruary 23, 2011
Proposal StatusFinal Approval Granted
Proposal Last UpdatedMarch 22, 2011 by Karen Greene
Effective DateFall 2011
Brief Summary of ProposalProposed change to the School of Social Work Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Social Work degree (with a language) Program. This includes the following additions/changes to the Bachelor of Arts/Social Work curriculum: Addition of prerequisite course: 7750:275-Introduction to Social Work Practice (3 cr. hours); Change in credit hour requirements to the following courses: 7750:276-Introduction to Social Welfare (from 4 cr. to 3 cr.); Field Experience Seminar I-7750:421 (from 1 cr. to 2 cr.); Field Experience Seminar II-7750:422 (from 1 cr. to 2 cr.); Field Experience Social Agency I - 7750:493(from 4 cr. to 3 cr.); Field Experience Social Agency II-7750:494 (from 4 cr. to 3 cr.) and change to course title - 7750:455 - from Black Family Issues to Social Work Practice with African American Families.
Type of ProposalProgram changes
Graduate School Endorsement StatusNot required
Graduate School Endorsement UpdatedJanuary 20, 2011 by GS Heather Blake
Institutional Research StatusApproved with comment
IR CommentBulletin description should reflect the proposed credit hour changes for 421, 422, 493 and 494.
IR Status UpdatedJanuary 24, 2011 by IR Anu Mahapatra
Library StatusApproved
Library Status UpdatedJanuary 20, 2011 by UL Joe Larose
Distance Learning Review Committee StatusNot required
DLRC Status Updated
General Education Advisory Committee StatusNot required
GEAC Status UpdatedJanuary 21, 2011 by Karen Greene
Resource RequirementsNo additional resources
Resource Requirements UpdatedFebruary 09, 2011 by FA dean's ofc Gerry McElliott

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