Harvey L. Sterns
Ph.D. West Virginia University

Professor: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Industrial/Gerontology Specialty, Applied Cognitive Aging

Director and Senior Fellow: Institute for Life-Span Development and Gerontology

Contact Information

Office: Arts and Science Building, room 340A
Phone: (330) 972-7243, 972-6724
Email: hsterns@uakron.edu

Dr. Sterns received his Ph.D. in Life-Span Developmental Psychology from West Virginia University in 1971. His major areas of interest include industrial gerontology, life-span development, training and career development. He is Director of the Institute for Life- Span Development and Gerontology. Courses typically taught include psychology of adulthood and aging, industrial/gerontological psychology, and undergraduate psychology courses. His publications have appeared in many gerontology journals including Experimental Aging Research, The Counseling Psychologist, Journal of Gerontology, Generations, Journal of Applied Gerontology. He has served on the editorial board of Psychology and Aging, The Gerontologist, and Journal of Women and Aging and serves on the editorial boards of Experimental Aging Research and Research on Aging. He is a Fellow of the American Psychology Association, Gerontological Society of America and the American Psychological Society. Current research includes training of adult and older adult workers, personality factors, and retirement adjustment and satisfaction, as well as personality factors in housing choices in retirement. Other research includes alcohol treatment and aging, and life planning issues for older adults with mental retardation.

Recent Publications

Rothwell, W.J., Sterns, H.L., Spokus, D. & Reaser, J.M. (2007 in press) Working Longer: New Strategies for Managing, Training, and Retaining Older Workers. New York: American Management Association.

Sterns, A. A. & Sterns, H. L. (2007). Developing Products for Seniors. In D. L. Owens and D. R. Hausknecht, Marketing in the 21st Century, Volume 4: Consumer Behavior and Integrated Marketing Communications. (pp. 82-106) New York, NY: Praeger Perspectives.

Papalia, D.E., Sterns, H.L., Feldman, R. D., & Camp, C.J. (2007). Adult Development and Aging 3rd Edition, New York: McGraw-Hill

Sterns, A. A. & Sterns, H. L. (2006). Medication Reminding for Older Adults Using Personal Digital Assistants. In W.C. Mann and A. Helal (Eds.), Promoting Independence for Older Persons with Disabilities, Volume 18 Assistive Technology Research Series, pp 231-234. Amsterdam, Netherlands: IOS Scientific Press.

Sterns. H.L. & Sterns, A.A. (2006). Industrial Gerontology (580-581). In R. Schultz (Ed.), The encyclopedia of aging, 4th edition. New York: Springer Publishing Co.

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Dr. Sterns' Vita

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