Books for Africa 
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Important news:

Kirt has a new website with timely updates on the Books for Africa Project.


How Can You Help?

1. Donate good used books in the following categories:

1. Any children's books, fiction or non-fiction, up to grade six reading level; 2. Middle and Secondary School non-fiction books only in the various subject categories of science, math, grammar, world history (not American history), or non-fiction of general interest No magazines or workbooks, and not more than one copy of any one title, i.e. No multiple copies please). 3. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs and atlases of recent publication (1980 or later) . 4. Non-fiction college textbooks 5. Trade books (carpentry, plumbing, auto mechanics), or home science books: nutrition, cooking, sewing

2. Donate money to help ship the books to Ghana and distribute them to the towns that have requested libraries. Make checks payable to "Books For Africa Library Project". We are a tax deductible 501c3 non-profit organization.

Please contact:

The Books for Africa Library Project
P.O. Box 4049
Copley, Ohio  44321
(330) 666-6816


Book Delivery Address: 1518 Sunside Dr.
Copley, Ohio  44321

All donations are tax deductible.


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