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Click on any of the areas listed on the left to see a summary of 1990 Census Information.  If you are in need of more specific information, either in terms of subject matter or geographic location, please contact David Huskins, the Manager of Data Services at the Center.  Please note that our information for areas outside the State of Ohio is limited.  (We do have demographic and economic data at a county level nationally.) 

If you wish to print the data for a particular city, click in that frame (on the right), and print.  (Your browser will probably send to print whichever frame was last clicked, so if you're not careful, you'll print the menu on the left.)  You can also copy/paste the text into a word processor in the traditional manner.  If the columns do not appear to line up, try changing the font to Courier, or some other fixed-width font.

If you would like more recent Census information, please contact the Center. Reasonable data requests to non-profit, educational, charity, community and governmental entities are generally gratis.

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