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b. 1943 -

    William Brooks is Assistant Professor of Composition at the University of Illinois, where he also directs the Contemporary Chamber Players and Contemporary Chamber Singers. A graduate of the University (M.Mus. 1971, D.M.A. 1976), he is a member of ASCAP, the College Music Society, and the American Music Center. In 1991-92 he will be on leave from the University to complete works commissioned by the Tone Road Ramblers, the New York New Music Ensemble, and The Percussion Group of Cincinnati. His music is published by Smith Publications, Baltimore MD.

Archived Compositions

March Peace (1987)
for solo snare drum
(see The Noble Snare, Vol. 2)

Footnotes: Six Compositions for Guitar (1982)
Solo guitar
Score + Recordings

Medley (1978)
for medium voice and piano
text by Gertrude Stein
Score + Recording


Audio Files

Foot notes
Timing, K and format
Timing, K and format

Brooks discusses Footnotes
Timing, K and format
Timing, K and format

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