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b. 1918 -

    Israeli/American composer. In 1936 he left Germany to escape the Nazi regime and emigrated to Palestine, where he studied composition in Jerusalem with Stefan Wolpe. From 1955 to 1962 Brün conducted research in Paris, Cologne and Muncih on the application of electroacoustic and electronic methods of sound production to compositions. In 1963 he expanded his research to include the significance of computer systems for composition.
    While continuing to compose for traditional instruments, Brün has used computers both for sound generation and as a compositional aid. He has written exensively on the use of computers in music and on the function of music in society and the political significance of musical ideas. In his works he explores the potentials of computers as a catalytic factor for modern composition. The title of his works often suggest paradoxical logic.

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At Loose Ends
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Brün discusses At Loose Ends
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