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b. 1923 -

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Hog River Fantasy
Timing, K and format
Timing, K and format

    Born in Cranston, R.I. (USA) on February 27, 1925. Educated at Boston University, Hartt College of Music of the University of Hartford and Eastmen School of Music.
    Compositions of Mr. Diemente have been performed by such artists as the Boston Symphony Chamber Players, members of the New York Brass Quintet, Bertram Turetsky, Berj Zamkechian, Donald Sinta and Leonard Raver. Mr. Diemente's compositions are published by Seesaw Music Corporation, Theodore Presser, Belwin-Mills, World Library Publications and the Gregorian Institute of America.
    Mr. Diemente is Professor of Composition and Theory at Hartt College of music. He is Director of the Electronic Music Studio there and was for thirteen years, Director of Music and Organist at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut.

The following are quotes about works of Mr. Dlemente:

"fragile sounds and texture which hang in the air in the most enchanting ways imaginable." (George Black in MUSIC/AGO)

"There is always much of originality and freedom in his works, and a willingness to explore...." (The Hartford Times)

"one of the most eloquent and knowledgeable composer/performers of our day.... a work of stunning impact and heightened expression...the total effect on the audience was electrifying as the resounding sustained applause proved." (Leonard Raver in MUSIC/AGO)

A recent statement, appearing in MUSIC & ARTISTS magazine, gives some insight into Mr. Diemente's musical thinking:
"We are into a liberation movement. Politics, society and art are all being turned around. Most isms are dead Most important Europeanism.(She was A dear lady and we shall all miss her.)"

"Ideologies are replaced by freedom.Composers are not simply evolving new techniques and styles; they are redefining music. And the changes are explosive rather than evolutionary."

"Sound rather than syntax."

"Exposition replaced by experience-seeking."

"Tape, electronics and cinema methods flowing into musical thinking (even in pieces which use only acoustic instruments).An exciting, poetic time to be alive."

Archived Compositions

Bravo! Encore! (1974)
a satirical music-theater composition
for trumpet and 6 hand clappers

Forms of Flight and Fancy (1974)
for brass quintet and soprano voice
text by Edward Diemente
Score + Recording

Orbits I (1974)
for French horn and bass trombone

Mirrors III
Electronic tape

Devil's Hopyard
Electronic tape

Hog River Fantasy
Electronic tape

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