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Photo of Alvin Lucier(16k)
Wesleyan University 1988
Photo by Nancy Walz

b. 1931 -

    (Excerpts from Bakers Biographical Dictionary of Music) Alvin Lucier studied with H. Boatwright, Richard Bonvan, David Kraehenbuhl, and Quincy Porter at Yale University (1950-54); continued his training with A. Berger, I. Fine, and H. Shapero at Brandies University (1958-60): also studied with Lucas Foss and Aaron Copland at the the Berkshire Music Center in Tanglewood (1958, 1959).
    With Robert Ahsley, David Berhman and Gordon Mumma, he founded the Sonic Arts Union (1966), an electronic music performing group with which he toured the U.S. and Europe. He joined the faculty of Wesleyan University (1970) and was music director of the Viola Farber Dance Company (1972-77). He contributed many articles to music journals and other publications. In 1990 he was in Berlin on a Beutscher Akademisher Austaushdienst fellowship. His works exploit virtually all known musical and non-musical resources available to the creative artist.

Archived Compositions

Music for Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator
and One or More Reflective Surfaces
for solo snare drum
(see The Noble Snare vol. 3)

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