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b. 1951 -

    DAVID MACBRIDE has written over 95 works, ranging from solo, chamber and orchestral music to music for film, TV, dance and theater. Specialized areas of composition include music for percussion and music for voice. His works have been performed from Buffalo to Beijing. Mr. Macbride has received music degrees from Hartt School of Music and Columbia University. Awards include fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, MacDowell Colony, and the 1986 ISCM Boston Composition Award.
    Macbride's compositions are available from American Composers Alliance and Smith Publications, and his composition, Gageego, written for the ensemble, is recorded on Opus One. Upcoming performances include the New York premiere of Nocturnos de la Ventana for tenor and chamber orchestra with the Prism Chamber Orchestra (Frank Hoffmeister, tenor) at Merkin Concert Hall, January 3, 1988. Macbride is currently on the composition faculty at the Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford.
    Macbride's personal webpage is:

Archived Compositions

Envelop (1971)
for solo multiple percussion
vibraphone, orch. bells, 2 tom-toms, 2 log drums
large suspended cymbal, small suspended cymbal
Score + Recordings

Quiet (1981)
for 7 drums played by 7 drummers
Score + Recording + Video

Full Circle (1987)
for solo snare drum
(see The Noble Snare, Vol. 1)

Gageego (1981)
for flute, piano and percussion

Amanaplanacanalpanama (1988)
for eleven percussionists

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