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b. 1960 -

    American composer. Novotney experienced jazz, classical and symphonic repertoire as a young child but soon became heavily influenced of the Mowtown sound of rock-and-roll. A graduate of the Univeristy of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, he chose to continue his studies at the University of Illinois where he was awarded the Edgar Varese Percussion Award for outstanding achievement. Novotney was the first recipient of the Krannert Debut Solosists Award, sponsored by the Center of Performing Arts in Illinois. The purpose of the competitive Award is to recognize the student soloist closest to a professional career.
    Novotney has traveled with the Balckstone Magic show, a tour of A Chorus Line, and played for the Florence Henderson and Jim Nabors special. "It was great money, but it was musical prostitution, very unrewarding. I really told myself that I had tried the teaching thing, the symphony and the touring thing. The teaching allowd me to be creative rather than a puppet." Reasearch projects include a study of universal symbolic notation for percussion instruments.

Archived Compositions

A Minute of News (1990)
for solo snare drum
(see The Noble Snare vol. 4)
Score + Recording

Intentions (1983)
for percussion trio
Score + Recording


Audio Files

A Minute of News
Timing, K and format
Timing, K and format

Novotney discusses A Minute of News
Timing, K and format
Timing, K and format

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