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b. 1951 -

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    Dan Senn is an interdisciplinary artist working in acoustic and computer music, sound sculpture, dance, computer assisted-composition, texts, and performance art. He has a doctorate in Music Composition from the University of Illinois where his principal instructors were Salvatore Martirano, Ben Johnston and Herbert Brün. In parallel with his music studies, he has trained in the visual arts with a concentration on raku pottery, an aleatoric ceramic method associated with Zen and the Japanese tea ceremony.
    He has taught at the University of Illinois, and the Canberra School of Music in Australia where he designed and directed the school's computer music studios. In 1978 while living in Chicago, he co-founded Roulette Intermedium which is a leading venue for contemporary music in New York today. In 1987 he became the coordinator of computing in the Fine Arts and Associate Professor of Music Composition at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana where he designed and implemented one of the first interdisciplinary computer arts facilities.
    He is currently serving as a music director at the Puchong Gallery in New York and is founding member of the Ball State Inter Arts Ensemble. He travels frequently throughout the United States and Europe performing and exhibiting his sculptural instruments. His scored music is published by Smith Publication and Sonic Arts Edition of Baltimore.

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