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Movements of Varied Moments for Two
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Shapey discusses Movements of ...
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b. 1921 -

    (Excerpts from the Bakers Biographical Dictionary of Musicians) American conductor, teacher, and composer. He studied violin with Emanuel Zeitlin and composition with Stefan Wolpe; served as assistant conductor of the Philadelphia National Youth Administration Symphony Orchestra (1938-47). In 1954 he founded and became music director of the Contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago, with which he presented new works; in 1963-64, he taught at the Unviersity of Pennsylvania an then was made Professor of music at the University of Chicago in 1964; after serving as Distinguished Porfessor at the Aaron Copeland School of Music at Queens College of the City University of New York (1985-86), he resumed his duties at the University of Chicago.
    Disappointed by publishers, Shapey announced in 1969 that he would no longer submit his works to anyone for performance or publication. However, in 1976 he had a change of heart and once more gave his blessing to the performance and publication of his works. In 1982 he became a MacArthur Fellow and in 1989 was elected a member of the American Academy and Institue of Arts and Letters. His music employs serialistic but uncongested procedures in acrid counterpoint, while formally adhering to neo-Classical paradigms.

Archived Compositions

2 for 1 (1988)
for solo snare drum
(see The Noble Snare vol. 4)

Movements of Varied Moments for Two (1993)
for Flute and Vibraphone
Score + Recording

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