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compiled and edited by Stuart Saunders Smith

My first intensely musical experience was when I was about five years old. I was at a friend's house and his older brother came out with a snare drum. He said, "Listen to this," and commenced to play a roll. The sound was so beautiful that tears fell down my cheeks. I began to play the snare drum when I was six. I have never really stopped. The snare drum still holds a special place in my heart. In fact, my own music has the memory of the snare drum at its rhythmic core.

Recently, the Noble and Cooley Drum Company gave me one of their hand-made deluxe wooden snare drums for my endorsement.This instrument sounds indescribably beautiful -- like silk would sound if it were a sound. I needed some new pieces to play on my new drum. So I asked a number of composers to compose snare drum solos for me. The result is this collection-- "The Noble Snare."

Acknowledgements I thank all the composers who contributed a composition to "The Noble Snare". I also thank the Noble and Cooley Drum Company for their excellent product. And I especially thank Sylvia Smith for the idea for this project.

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