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Picutre of vol.1-4 of Noble Snare Collection(10k)
The Noble Snare vol. I - IV

The Noble Snare, published by Smith Publications, is a collection of virtuostic works for solo snare drum. Currently the collection is in 4 volumes consisting of over 30 works. Many prominent composers have contributed to the Noble Snare, including John Cage, Stuart Smith, Ben Johnston, Milton Babbit, and Pualine Oliveros.

The Archives contain all four volumes of the Noble Snare as well as recordings of many of the works. In addition, correspondance regarding the Noble Snare and the orginal manuscripts of each work are in the Smith Archive. There is also a tape recorded interview of Stuart Smith dicussing the collection on "All things considered", prior to the Gageego concert premiering the Noble Snare.


Additional Information about the Noble Snare

Notes on the Noble Snare
The story behind the Noble Snare.

Preface to the Noble Snare
Preface by Stuart Smith

GAGEEGO presents the Noble Snare
Press release for premier of the Noble Snare collection

GAGEEGO Concert program

New York times review of the concert.


Composers and Compositions
of the Noble Snare

Volume I & II

Volume III & IV

Collection alphabetized by work

Collection alphabetized by composer

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