"Current Events Project"

        Start keeping an eye on the news.  Watch for issues or events happening in China or in U.S.-China relations.  Look for things that parallel any of the topics we've discussed in class--economic or trade concerns, women's rights, human rights, Communism, democracy movements, religion, families, defense or espionage, relations between Taiwan & China and so on. 

        You will need to gather at least 3 articles from major news sources.  You can use news magazines (Time, US News & World Reports, Newsweek) or major newspapers (NY Times, Washington Post, London Guardian, Akron Beacon Journal).  You may use internet versions of these papers but be sure you pull off the full article not just an abstract or a synopsis.  Try to find the Chinese perspective as well as the American or European one.  For the Chinese perspective go to some of the Chinese news sources found through the link on the China Resource Page

        Print out or copy your sources, you will turn them in.  Make a brief outline (no more than one page that includes a correct citation for each source with a brief synopsis of the info in the source) of what you have discovered.  Things to think about might include:

        In class you will give a 5-10 minute presentation on your findings during the last few weeks of class.  On the day of your report you will turn in your news article copies and your outline.  On the date given in the schedule there will be a sign up sheet for the date in the last two weeks of class when you will give your report.  I will not be grading your speaking ability, per se, but rather will be that you have made an effort to enrich out collective knowledge of China.  (Worth 15 points.)