Tentative Schedule for Fall 2003

for Week 1: Chinese Identity & the Land
Introductions, Syllabus. Read Handout "Chinese Language & Pronunciation"  Film: “Unruly Dragon.” Map Project due first class of next week. Read: Schoppa Chapter 1.


for Week 2: Families and Women’s Roles
Read Handout Ban Zhao: "Lessons for a Woman," One Woman"s Account of Footbinding, & “Lotus Petals,” Film: “Small Happiness.” Pick a novel for your paper and begin reading.


for Week 3: Imperial Government & The Last Imperial Dynasty
Read Schoppa Chapter 2. Handout: "The Palace Eunuchs." Website to visit: "History of China Timeline" Slides: Forbidden City and Summer Palace.


for Week 4 Religious-Philosophical thought: Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism
Read Handout: from "Analects," and "Dao De Jing". Website to visit: "Chinese Calendar" (Come to class prepared to tell us what your animal sign is!) Slides: Buddhist and Daoist temples. First small paper assigned, due first class of next week.


for Week 5: the Manchu Identity under Foreign Influences
Read Schoppa Chapter 3 & 4. Keep reading your novel--don't wait till the last minute! Discussion of  British influences. Slides of Shanghai, the Bund. Handout: "Letter to Queen Victoria"


for Week 6: Crisis of the 19th century--Losing the Mandate of Heaven
Read Schoppa Chapters 5 & 6. Second small paper assigned, due first class of next week

for Week 7: New Cultural Identity
Read Schoppa Chapters 7, 8 & 9. Handout: Sun Yat-sen: "Fundamentals of National Reconstruction"


for Week 8 Revolutionary ideals and the rise of the CCP
Read Schoppa Chapters 9, 10, & 11. Film "Mao: China's Peasant Emperor"


for Week 9: Sino-Japanese Clash and the Chinese Civil War
Read Schoppa Chapters 12, 13, & 14. Website to visit: "The Nanjing Massacre Archives." (note: some pictures on this website display graphic violence). Begin watching Film "To Live." (for information on the director Zhang Yimou see Schoppa text)


for Week 10:  From the Long March to Communist Victory
Read Schoppa Chapter 15, 16, & 17.  Maps handed out in class are also available online at: "Chinese Civil War"

Finish film: "To Live." Begin working on Assignment: Film and Book Analysis, paper due last class of Week 12.

for Week 11:  Golden Age of Socialism

Handout: Mao Zedong: "Analysis of the Classes"


for Week 12: The Cultural Revolution
Read Schoppa Chapters 18 & 19. Website to visit: "The Cult of Mao"  Papers due last day of class this week.

for Week 13: The legacy of Mao to Deng, Zhang to Hu
Read Schoppa Chapter 20. Slides: Tiananmin Square. Website to visit: "Frontline: Tiananmin Square." Class presentations on Current events begin


Week 14: Dealing with Foreigners, Chinese Minorities, USA, and Taiwan
Read Schoppa Chapter 21 & 22. Future of China's Ethnic Minorities. Class presentations on Current events.  Handout: Studyguide for Final.


Week 15: Whither China? And Taiwan?
Read Schoppa Chapter 23. Class presentations on Current events.

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