The News Team

The WZIP News Department broadcasts up to date information about the events that are going on in our community, nation, and the world. We make sure that we report on the information that is affecting the youth of our society.

There are three main ways we bring the news to you.
On the half hour, our reporters broadcast live up to date news breaks. We report on major issues that are going on in your lives, wacky stories about outrageous topics, and all the information about your favorite celebrities.

Also, every Tuesday and Thursday we broadcast information breaks. These are short reports on the events that are going on at The University of Akron, as well as the surrounding area. Every weekend we have our weekend talk show, Community Concern. For one hour, we discuss controversial issues that are facing us, organizations at The University of Akron, or hot topics that are going on.

The WZIP News team is also always out covering live events, whether it’s events that are taking place at The U of A’s campus, press conferences, or huge events in our state.