The Underwriting Team

As a non-commercial radio station, Underwriting is our way of thanking businesses for making donations to help keep our programming on the air. It is this advertising that makes the music at WZIP possible. Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations donate money to WZIP. WZIP then provides information on the business or organization to the listening audience.

The donor statement over WZIP can include:

WZIP offers underwriting to companies in different packages and payment terms. All contributions to WZIP are Tax Deductible!

The money that the station receives through underwriting helps fund WZIP. It also provides the money to purchase the materials and equipment needed to run operate the station.

The Underwriting Team contacts businesses and organizations to donate money to the station. Underwriting keeps listeners tuned in. In addition to keeping our listeners tuned in, it also provides them with information about local businesses and events.

If your or someone you know is interested in taking advantage of the benefits of WZIP, please call the WZIP business line at (330) 972-7105. One of our underwriters will be glad to assist you.

The WZIP Underwriting Staff

Kyle Shepler
Underwriting Director

Terence Jackson

Keith Aukeman

Amy Trebisky

Sophia Sandalakis

Tracy Jackson