E-Cash & E-Check


E-Money Mini-FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about electronic money, e-money, or digital cash.

Serves a very unique merchant base, supplying e-cash and tokens to customers who are then able to spend them at selected merchants.

The Future of Money
E-cash problems and perspectives discussed.

Smart Global Money Inc
Provides and e-cash system for shopping online instead of using credit cards.

Full Text of David Chaum's Congressional Speech
1995 testimony by an e-cash expert before U.S. Congress, discussing various issues concerning digital money and electronic paymens.

Lynk Systems
Provider of electronic payment, cash dispensing and e-commerce services.

Hard Cash
E-commerce Website that includes lots of information for anyone setting up an e-commerce website. It includes How To e-commerce, a free Shopping Cart, Affiliate Programs and news.

Get cash back every time you shop at the stores of your choice. Big savings on brands you buy every day. No coupons to clip or print.

Michael Froomkin
Links to legal articles on e-commerce, e-cash, encryption, privacy and other Internet law from a Professor of Law at the University of Miami School of Law.

Pays you when you and your referrals read sponsor e-mails.

US Sports Casino
Assorted gaming with multiple languages. E-Mail support. Cash play.

First National Bank and Trust
Wyoming regional bank provides full-service banking to Lovell, Cody, and Powell.

Dwyer Economics
Gerald P. Dwyer, Jr.'s recent research examines bank history (mainly free banking in the United States) and the implications for e-cash, the relationship between money growth and inflation, as well as pseudorandom numbers and nonlinear time series.

List Partners
Enables owners of e-mail newsletters have webmasters recruit subscribers in exchange for cash.

E*TRADE Australia
Discount broker that offers straight through processing, watch lists, market depth, AAP news, price charts, company profiles, and portfolio management. It requires a Macquarie Bank cash management account. By ETRADE Australia Securities Limited.

Set A Good Example Competition
Annual essay contest promoting moral values for school children of all ages based on The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard. E-mail for application form and rules. $5,000 cash grants to the winning school.

Poems Niederngasse
A monthly poetry e-zine with a paper edition published twice a year. Work from all poets welcome. A cash poetry prize is offered twice a year for unpublished poets.

Dollface PunK
For that "in the middle" generation of 16 to 24 year olds. E-mail, shop, free cash, funny surveys, and chat.

SportsEdge, Inc.
Pay-to-play. Cash prizes. Receive reports by web, e-mail or postal mail. No transaction fees.

e-World Casino
Play for fun or cash when you download the software to bet on classic Vegas games like black jack, slots and poker.

E*Trade: The Game
Take $100,000 in play money and, using real market data, compete for cash and prizes.

Hospital Saving Association (HSA)
Provides health care cash plans and is a non profit making Association. The site provides details of all plans which cover everyday medical expenses including dental and optical. The site also publishes HealthWise
an e-zine of medical articles.

A web-based scavenger hunt with an attitude, cash prizes, and e-centive coupons for all who participate.

Fidiyah (Recompensation In Cash Or Kind)
If one is too old and has no strength to fast, or is so ill that there is no hope of recovery or has the strength to fast, then he may not fast and for each fast he may give Fidiyah (recompensation) equal to Sadqa-e-Fitr to the poor or feed sufficiently in the morning and evening. This is called Fidiyah in Shari抋h. Price of grain may also be given.

E*Trade accepts e-checks
Online brokerage E*Trade (EGRP) now lets investors transfer cash into their brokerage accounts from their checking accounts over the Internet. [News.com]

Banks Bullish on Y2K
The Federal Reserve is stockpiling cash, but that doesn't mean consumers should follow suit, say US banks. By Spencer E. Ante. [Wired News]

Show Me E-Money
Digital cash promised to let you buy on the Net with a click, only it didn't fly. Now a global bank says Magex has the magic. [Wired News]

Intel pays cash for iCat
Pushing further into e-commerce, Intel today acquired catalog software vendor iCat for an undisclosed sum in cash. [News.com]

E-Music: How to Pay the Piper
Will that be cash, check, or micropayment? Digital music might be the road to e-commerce's dreams of charging for those under-a-dollar purchases. By Jennifer Sullivan. [Wired News]

E-cash minted for NCs
A new entrant in the e-commerce software market today released a "network wallet" payment service designed for low-memory network computers and NetPCs. [News.com]

E-Minds can't make e-money
Cash-strapped Electric Minds, the experiment in online community, may be just weeks away from closing shop. [News.com]

Connect raises cash, buys time
Buying more time, cash-strapped e-commerce software vendor Connect (CNKT) will raise $10 million in a private placement to offset its continuing financial losses. [News.com]

Greenspan Plan: Boon for Banks, Bad for E-Commerce
Giving banks an extra day to cash local checks would allow them to slow spending on electronic processing technologies. [Wired News]

Smart cards go wireless at FSU
Florida State University students will soon begin testing smart cards that fit into a wireless phone and will let them load e-cash or purchase items over the phone. [News.com]

CIOs to cash in on e-commerce
The number of chief information officers using electronic commerce is expected to more than double in the coming year, despite security concerns, according to a survey by IDG Research. [News.com]

CyberCash covets vice income
Online gambling and adult entertainment will drive the growth of electronic cash transactions over the Net and thereby the use of CyberCash's (CYCH) own e-cash technology, said chairman and chief executive William Melton. [News.com]

De Fusco Vini e Grappe
Cash & Carry Monbijou. Weine aus aller Welt mit Schwerpunkt Italien.

Biggest U.S. smart card trial ends
The largest U.S. pilot for smart cards is drawing to a close after 14 months. The market trial in Manhattan's Upper West Side was designed to see how U.S. consumers and small merchants would use smart cards loaded with e-cash. [News.com]

Yahoo eyes business deals
Yahoo has $450 million in cash to make acquisitions and partnership agreements, and the company is focused on cutting deals that could help it expand further into email, digital calendar programs, and e-commerce, according to co-founder Jerry Yang. [News.com]

PayBot, LLC
Provider of Internet cash payment systems and e-commerce solutions.

Credit cards still seen as No. 1
Most consumers will use credit cards, not e-cash or smart cards, to make purchases over the Internet, according to a new study from research institute SRI Consulting. [News.com]

Banking on the Java of E-Payment Systems
Some 30 companies that sell electronic payment services are working on a cross-platform protocol that will allow all digital wallets and cyber cash registers to talk to each other. [Wired News]

Genome Map Gets E-Biz Boost
Another company adds itself to the list of those offering a proprietary gene database for cash. Federal researchers, contrary to popular belief, are all for it. By Kristen Philipkoski. [Wired News]

Digital Money a Divine Gift or Satan's Malicious Tool?
Comprehensive article that addresses consumer and business issues surrounding digital money.

Digital Money: A View from the United States
1998 article originally from the Institute for Technology Assessment, Washington.

eCash Information
Explanation of internet money, from an Australian bank site.

Electronic Banking
All about electronic fund transfers.

Electronic Cash and the Web
Advantages, disdvantages, liability, insurance, privacy issues.

Electronic Money
All about electronic money and bill paying.

E-Money Mini-FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about electronic money, e-money, or digital cash.

E-Money (That's What I Want)
Article that discusses the inevitability of digital money.

Full Text of David Chaum's Congressional Speech
1995 testimony by an e-cash expert before U.S. Congress, discussing various issues concerning digital money and electronic paymens.

The Future of Money
E-cash problems and perspectives discussed.

The Future of Money
An interview with Walter Wriston about money, the economy, and the digital era.

Money and Currency in the 21st Century
1997 article that discusses what electronic money is, its history, and other issues.

A Quick Overview of E-Money
Brief article that discusses what it is, privacy issues, cryptography.

ACH Processing Company
Provides electronic banking services through the Federal Reserve Banking System.

Automated Clearing House Support
Offers electronic funds transfer and ACH consulting services.

CheckFree Corporation
Provider of financial electronic commerce services.

Convert the cash in your pocket into cash you can spend on the Web.

DBC Financial
Offers debit accounts such as the Payroll CheckCard, Delaware Bank Card, and vendor transaction services. Additional services include ACH consulting, money transfers, wiring

eCash Technologies
Software-based payments system which allows users to send electronic payments from any PC to any other PC or workstation, using any computer network including the Internet. (previously DigiCash)

ePAID, a pre-paid purchase card, can be used to buy and sale anonymously over the Internet.

Provides an alternative to using credit cards to puchase items online.

Web account enables users to send, spend and receive cash online.

Send money over the Internet safely to anyone who has an e-mail address.

Offers an anonymous and secure payment system designed for the Internet.

Serves a very unique merchant base, supplying e-cash and tokens to customers who are then able to spend them at selected merchants.

e-World Payments Ltd
Provide international payment services via bank drafts and wire transfers.

Financial Services Technology Consortium
The mission of the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) is to leverage the strength of US financial services organizations through joint research and development focused on technology opportunities, adding business value, managing risk, and reducing costs

Gloria Exchange
Enables people to make secure international money transfers via the Internet.

samCARD is a "same as money" pre-paid, stored-value cash card for Internet purchases.

Enables consumers to use cash from their bank account to make purchases online.

Use to shop online at participating websites.

Introduction to EDI
A Primer

Brief overview of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for business to business payments.

Assists websites with selling digital content by the click and by subscription.

Mondex Electronic Cash
Mondex electronic cash can be transferred directly to a merchant to pay for goods, and like cash, Mondex enables transactions between individuals, without the need for banks or other third parties.

Network Payment Systems, Inc.
Web-based bill payment service allowing users to pay most of their bills online. Demo available.

New England ACH Association
Promotes use and understanding of electronic payments, specifically the ACH.

Provides a virtual wallet to purchase in complete security on the Web.

Pay by Cash
Offers a method of paying with cash or check online in international currencies.

Offers a private account used to buy goods online and pay for telephone calls.

Private Buy
Provides an anonymous debit account for online shopping.

Send Money Order
Enables consumers to pay for goods and services with an online money order.

Smart Global Money Inc
Provides and e-cash system for shopping online instead of using credit cards.

Visa Cash
A cash card, both disposable and reloadable, that can be used for small purchases in the real world and on the Internet.

WildCard Systems
Develops prepaid or host based stored value payment system cards or virtual accounts, enabled through Web applications.

Electronic Cash
"With personalized electronic wallets and no paper cash, mugging becomes unprofitable." Paper on algorithms for escrow-based tracing from Sandia National Labs. (January 18, 1995)